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What is Circling?

Circling is a cutting-edge social technology, based on Interpersonal Mindfulness, which helps us find what is true for us, to communicate it in a powerful and natural way, expanding perspectives and the ability to receive and keep ourselves open to others and nurture ourselves. the interaction. It offers a space that enables a sense of deep personal and collective trust that is both liberating and regenerative.

What is it for?

Circling serves to take our interpersonal communication to its next level, its practice allows us to increase our levels of empathy and assertiveness in our expression as well as bring clarity in our relationships.

Circling as an activity of Team Building can, exponentially, develop teams of collaborators up to levels of high confidence and psychological security.

Who is it for?

The series of courses proposed here is aimed at all audiences, people interested in deepening the topics, develop personal skills, as well as professionals who want to offer this training in companies and organizations and / or enrich their communication skills to be used in areas such as Psychology, Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching, Medicine, etc ...


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Here we offer some of the experiences shared by people who have participated in our experiential courses, we hope that they will serve to bring clarity and inspiration through the different approaches and applications of this practice.

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Gustavo Quiroz

Gustavo works as Agile Senior Coach & Digital Consultant, Co-Founder & Partner at UMAAN www.umaan.la

How was your experience during the Circling course you did recently in Buenos Aires?

An amazing experience It was revealing, transforming, beautiful. An experience that I will always remember.

An experience that we were building as a group little by little. I have noticed that the states have been very clear, what happened to me in each of the three days of the course. It has been a path of transformation, several things changed in me during the course, as lights were lit inside me and they are still on ... Continue reading

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Verónica Argañaraz

Veronica works as a consultant / Agile & Life Coach

Exploring new worlds ...

As one of the Circling principles say: looking to be with the other in his world. And here begins a wonderful part of the journey. Discovering new worlds, but in the most authentic journey we can imagine. Knowing the other without preconceptions, or we share them and we see how that resonates in the circle and how returns to us.

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Astrid Mondejar

The session of Interpersonal Mindfulness with Marco was a very good experience. Without telling me with words, it helped me feel and connect with my emotions and discover how my body and my mind reacted. It helped me to have a greater knowledge about myself to be able to always connect with me in any uncomfortable situation. I highly recommend this experience, it is interesting, even for those who have never practiced meditation or emotional intelligence techniques, as was my case. Very very good!

Astrid is a business developer and lives in Barcelona.

Testimonials from participants in The US Circling Institute

"The course was one of the deepest experiences of my life. I was impressed by the connection and community created by our group that weekend and by the way my heart opened in a loving and powerful way.

It was amazing and one of the best courses I've taken! "

Mike Robbins

(Author of Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You Do)

"I have taken many leadership and personal development courses, however, the practice of Circling really stands out and has deeply impacted my life. During the course I felt that I saw the souls of my classmates and I felt completely supported. The course gave me ideas about myself that it would have taken me years to find on my own. More specifically, he showed me how my strategies for connection and intimacy were actually driving people away. I learned ways to more fully experience my connection with friends and loved ones. "

Jason Gore

(Business Coach and Leadership in Conflict for Innovation, Organizational Development in The Collaborative Way)

Google Headquarters - Zurich

Google Headquarters - Zurich

Marco Di Giano


Mainly I have worked as a lawyer in the private field and as a facilitator in personal development programs. I have collaborated with organizations such as Apple, Google and the United Nations.

In 2014 we founded, with friends and instructors, Circling Schweiz, the first Swiss platform of Interpersonal Mindfulness, offering intensive courses and weekly follow-ups in Switzerland, currently I am working to share these practices globally.

Circling is a practice, a framework that facilitates and experiences revealing interpersonal communication processes, which provide clarity, awareness of community co-creation and the possibility of supporting modern organizational processes.

The vision I follow is to meet with people and organizations to collaborate and grow together.